Posted by: Odzangba | October 17, 2006

New LAUG IRC Channel

So I peeked into the new #laug irc channel on freenode today and it was quite nice. Henry and thinfox were there to chat a bit. Henry was in the process of wiping his hard drive and re-installing ubuntu. I might just try out a few distros myself… get back to my old distro-shopping ways. 🙂


  1. i was the one installing ubuntu.
    i installed the ubuntu server on an old box but the system simply refuses to boot. it’ll get past the grub menu and the machine restarts. a lot of people reported the same behavior on ubuntu forum. the solution is the alternative install cd. i tried the alternative install CD and that worked great. booting up is a bit slow but that can be fixed.

  2. Hmm.. Dapper has been one strange release. Quite a few people I talked to complained about problems with the instalation but everything just works for me. 🙂 I’ve never had to do an alternate install yet. I’ve had issues with scratched discs but that’s the worst I’ve experienced with dapper. But thanks for the tip. I might need it one of these days as I’ll be doing quite a few installations in the coming month.


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