Posted by: Odzangba | January 8, 2007

Seven Days of 2007 part 2

Poked though the news archives and found out that Hitachi has been busy and released the world’s first consumer available terabyte hard drive. Imagine a couple of those in a RAID! Nice huh? I can imagine all those HDTV fans going wild with joy. Now they can record as many tv shows as the want 🙂

A huge boeing 737 just up and disappeared over Indonesia… yess precious, nasty things live in the Indonesian seas. No safe places there, earthquakes ans tsunamis. Very nasty.

Microsoft has been giving away laptops and demanding them back… yess precious, nasty redmond boys work in that place. Always going back on their promises. First they promise us WinFS and they take it back, didn’t they, precious? Many other promises they made didn’t they, precious? And none came through did they?

Botnet attacks are on the rise and increasing in sophistication and efficiency. Computers running windows are the most vulnerable, with scattered reports of linux and mac systems falling victim… didn’t we say those redmond boys are not to be trusted, precious? Now internet orcses and other nasty things are using their OS to further the plans of Sauron. Yesss precious nasty things on the internet… no safe places there 🙂

More tech titbits? Sony claims it shipped 1 million PS3 consoles, Toshiba is raising a storm in the High-Def market, Vista is hungry for hardware, Ubuntu 7.04 is running along nicely on the manufacturing line… why precious, many things have happened in the first week of 2007, yesss and more is to come.

And now, precious, we must go to bed… yesss nice soft bed. All this blogging has tired us, it has…. to be continued, yessss, to be continued.

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