Posted by: Odzangba | January 8, 2007

Seven Days of 2007

The first seven days of the new year have passed without any blog entry from me so I’ll just cram a lot of thoughts into this one post. The celebrations were rather quiet due to the cash flow problem everyone seems to be facing. I spent one of my most quiet Christmases at home with my parents, my brother and cousin. My Mom’s culinary expertise served us well since none of us felt like going out… four meals a day was the practice throughout my stay in Ho (even Merry in LOTR will be pleased). And so passed the birthday of Jesus Christ. I returned to Accra in time for the new year and spent it quietly at home while my sisters went off to church. I did a some reflection and decided there was a lot to be thankful for in 2006 but I do hope 2007 will be merrier than its predecessor.

Saddam was finally murdered (albeit legally), Gerald Ford and James Brown passed away so there was a lot of to be sad about. I followed Frodo and the precious through perilous lands… yess very nasty places. 🙂 The precious was however not pleased with Sam… no not pleased at all, but all the same, the quest continues. Frodo is now locked in that dratted Orc tower above Cirith Ungol… nasty orcses in that place. 🙂 Shelob is regretting ever laying her many eyes on those Frodo and Sam… yess she regrets now.

Back to earth now. Been putting Kubuntu 6.06 through her paces. Did some neat things over the hols. For starters, I resized the 30gb ntfs partition to 20gb, moved the ext3 partition around a bit and resized the 30gb partition to 40gb… all within 5mins. Things are looking pretty good now. Still haven’t managed the upgrade to 6.10 yet. I’m getting hang-ups halfway through the clean install and unexplained crashes when I try to upgrade. I didn’t really try that hard. Edgy isn’t too attractive from where I sit anyway. I’ll just wait for Fiesty.

Been getting goose bumps over last semester’s exam results, they should be out anytime soon… nasty lecturerses set the exams; yesss precious, nasty lecturerses, tried to flunk us. But we’ll show them precious, aye we will. 🙂 But I’m really looking forward to a new semester with new courses and hopefully better preparations for the exams.

The harmattan is biting deep now… waking up early in the morning is not so easy any more. Some fell force is about, trying to get us to sleep when we should be awake. 🙂 … to be continued, yesss to be continued 🙂

PS: I just couldn’t resist the urge to mimick smeagol.

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