Posted by: Odzangba | January 10, 2007

Highlights of CES 2007

The news coming out CES 2006 has been exciting so far. Here’s what I think is interesting:

The iPhone is here!

Well, they finally did it. The hype around this phone has been crazy but from the few reviews I picked up, it seems all of it was justified. I saw some snapshots of the iPhone and I was completely blown away. I’d love to get my hands on one of them although it looks rather pricey, IMO.

“As expected, Steve Jobs yesterday announced the introduction of an Apple-branded combined mobile phone and widescreen iPod – the iPhone. This will be priced at US$499 for a 4GB model and US$599 for an 8GB. Deliveries, though, won’t start until June, with the USA getting first pickings and the European launch promised only for late 2007.” Click here to read more.

“Watching Steve Jobs’ keynote presentation at Macworld Expo Tuesday morning drove home two main points. First, Jobs really knows how to make — and market — great-looking products. Second, it probably doesn’t matter what Jobs is selling from that stage, his rabidly faithful audience is going to buy it. … The early reviews are good. Analysts interviewed immediately after the speech were gushing in their praise of the iPhone. “It actually lives up to the hype, and there’s been a sick amount of hype,” said Avi Greengart, principal analyst for mobile devices at Current Analysis. “There’s a lot of real innovation and radical thinking here. … I want one desperately.” Click here to read more.

Warner Officially Announces Dual Format HD Disc

Warner Home Video today unveiled its “Total Hi Def” disc, which plays the HD DVD format on one side and the Blu-ray Disc format on the other. DailyTech originally reported on this development prior to CES, but things were not official until Tuesday’s presentation hosted by Warner Brothers Entertainment Chairman and CEO Barry Meyer at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Warner Brothers representatives said that discs in Total Hi Def will be available in the second half of 2007, and titles will be announced in a time frame consistent with the company’s standard trade announcements for home entertainment titles. The physical structure of the disc is the same as DVDs, HD DVD and Blu-ray discs. The Total Hi Def disc has the ability to contain both single layer and dual layers for both formats enabling either 15 GB or 30 GB on the HD DVD side and 25 GB or 50 GB on the Blu-ray side.”

It seems to me the next generation DVD format war technology analysts have dreaded will be not happen after all. This way is better… let the customer have both. 🙂

Michael Dell challenges PC industry to go green

Michael Dell, chairman of Dell Inc., issued a challenge to the entire PC industry to adopt free recycling programs for customers as he announced that his company would offer to plant a tree for every PC sold. “Today, I challenge every PC maker to join us in providing free recycling for every customer in every country you do business, all the time – no exceptions,” Dell said on Tuesday. “It’s the right thing to do for our customers. It’s the right thing to do for our earth.” The company has received high “green” marks from some environmental groups, including Greenpeace. In 2004, Dell began offering free recycling of any brand of computer or printer if consumers bought a new Dell system.

Nokia Intros NFC Phone That Doubles As Credit Card

Nokia introduced a new phone that doubles as a credit card at CES today, along with a new, sleeker version of their handheld Internet tablet. The Nokia 6131 NFC (near field communication) phone is currently being used in trials in New York City, in cooperation with Mastercard, Citibank and Cingular.The NFC shell around the flip phone lets it function as a wireless or debit credit card, transferring payment information to pads at some retailers’ cash registers. NFC and the similar RFID (radio frequency identification) technology have been the subject of many worries about security, mostly centering over whether payment data could literally be sucked out of a pocket. The NFC chips only function over distances of a few inches, but researchers have found ways to “skim” data out of RFID-equipped credit cards. MasterCard says that their devices “are protected with zero liability coverage for any fraudulent transactions.”


  1. i have come to notice that, linux is a very good thing to use. but the problem is the drivers. if u want to watch movie, the totem doesn’t display the pictures for. Again, printer drivers are also a problem for poeple who want to use linux.

    My comment is: how are we going to solve this problem for poeple to be able to use the softtware

  2. Hi Ofori,
    Believe it or not, some linux distros like Ubuntu have much better driver support than Windows XP.. and Vista. The problem is all the legal restrictions surrounding proprietary media formats like .wmv, .mp3 et cetera. Linux media codecs exist for these formats but cannot be included in the standard installation of Ubuntu for instance, because Canonical would get its pants sued of by the owners of patents and copyrights for these formats. 😦 So they (Canonical) circumvent the legal hanky-panky by leaving these codecs on online repository servers for subsequent download. So the culprit here is those legal sharks trying to make money out of everything.

    Back to the general linux driver support. Hardware manufacturers refuse to release linux drivers for their products… that’s the problem. OSS developers then have to figure out a way to write linux drivers instead of spending coding time improving the linux user experience. Let’s face it. Your printer is useless without the windows driver installation cd that comes with it. So once again, the problem is external to linux. If hardware manufacturers start releasing linux drivers for their products, life on linux will be smoother.

    To answer ur last question, what we can do is get LUGs to start building relevant driver database cds and passing them around. That’s a start…


  4. Hi Anita,
    I do not understand your request. What device are you talking about?


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