Posted by: Odzangba | February 6, 2007

Ghana beats Nigeria 4-1. Revenge is sweet… even after 15 years!

It’s 10.30 pm. The friendly between Ghana and Nigeria just ended and I think I’ll hit the streets to join the raucous celebrations flaring up all over Accra. We (Ghana) just beat the Nigerians in an emphatic 4-1 victory in London. What makes the victory sweeter is the fact that this is our first victory over he Super Eagles of Nigeria in 15 years! Revenge is sweet. 😀 It wasn’t always so… we beat ’em 5-0 in 1963. In those days, you couldn’t come anywhwere near the Black Stars without getting a good spanking. 🙂 Today’s victory is resounding… and judging by the noise outside right now, the streets agree with me. Okay, a quick rundown: the first half was quite uneventful, both sides were cautious and evenly matched. Laryea Kingston found the net in the first 10 minutes of the second half however and that signaled a goal scoring spree the Nigerians couldn’t believe. Sule Muntari found the net with a cheeky lob that left the Nigerian goalie dumbfounded.dumbfounded nigerian goalie

The Super Eagles had a chance to kick-start their comeback when they converted a penalty but Junior Agogo and Freempong sealed the Nigerians’ fate with a goal each… the rest is history. I’m off to join the celebrations now…



  1. It not yor fault,if not for Nigeria’s bad ladership can u talk like that?

  2. Hehe, a win is a win and I can’t help being gleeful about it. 🙂 But you’re right, the Nigerian team lacked any coherent leadership… that takes nothing away from the awesome Black Stars! 😀

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