Posted by: Odzangba | February 7, 2007

Strong Urge to Agitate…

There comes a time when every person feels the urge to question actions of people in authority. I feel this urge very often. I’m constantly criticising the University authorities, my local assembly man, my member of parliament, the government, president…. there’s a lot wrong with this country (Ghana). What annoys me is the passive, almost submissive attitude of my fellow Ghanaians. Perhaps the long years of authoritarian rule have left their mark. Even then, it’s shocking how accepting a lot of my friends are of flagrant abuses of power by government officials and civil servants.It strikes me too that the most cherished of all my civil rights… the right to free speech… doesn’t mean much here. Many of my friends on campus are afraid to speak out of fear of the University administration. It is important that we question our leaders and keep them on their toes. That’s the surest way of checking authoritarian behaviour.

I’ve decided to blog more about local issues affecting my daily life. It’s about time someone started talking.

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