Posted by: Odzangba | March 10, 2007

Oggifying my mp3 library…

It’s official now. I’m oggifying my entire music library. I currently have a huge mp3 library (of some 2000 tracks) that did not bother me much because I have codecs for most of the proprietary formats. Plus the thought of converting 2000+ tracks always put me off.  So what changed? I installed kubuntu fiesty fawn 7.04 herd5 on Tuesday and loved it. Tried to play music and remembered I did not have fiesty fawn multimedia codec packages. 😦 It was terribly annoying and my free spirit kindled. So now I’m converting all my mp3 files into ogg format. Next, I’m going to look for a sane video converter and convert my video files too. 😀


  1. please i want music le vouche aki in from peru dont undertand it music thank you

  2. Ramiro,
    I’m not sure I understand you but if you’re asking for Peruvian music, I’m sorry I don’t have any. Plus it might be easier to just download them from the internet. 🙂

  3. I am not an audiophile or anything, but I believe that transcoding from one lossy format to another results in significant sound quality loss. A while ago, I decided to OGGify my collection as well. Instead of converting my WMAs (yes, WMAs :() directly to OGG, I deleted them, and re-ripped my CD collection straight to OGG.

    It is even more of an effort, but my music sounds great as a result. If you go straight from MP3 to OGG, the OGGs will sound worse than the MP3 files, regardless of the compression level.

  4. Hmm, I’m not an audiophile either but I did a few trials and upon comparison, the mp3 and ogg files sounded the same to me. I’m almost done with the conversion and I still don’t notice any significant sound quality loss. I’m not saying there won’t be or there wasn’t any sound quality loss… just that I did not notice it. 🙂

  5. […] Soundkonverter cannot handle wma files properly… March 28th, 2007 I’ve been oggifying my library and I’ve pretty much got the job finished. That is except for a few wma files that […]

  6. how to add your blog to rss reader, I have some troubles…

  7. sorry, where is rss feed of your blog?


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