Posted by: Odzangba | April 27, 2007

Releasing Exam Tension…

Yesterday, I was sitting in the Legon Hall library minding my own business when this guy walks in looking important with a sheaf of papers in his hand. He clears his throat and procedes to make an announcement. Now this was in the Legon Hall *library* where silence is to be maintained at all times. Anyway, this guy starts by saying he was a representative from the Electricity Company of Ghana and he had a press release from the ECG. The content of this so-called pres release was simple. Due to the current load shedding exercise, the ECG had decided that students offering certain “unimportant” courses had to make way for others studying “more important” ones in the library. Now this is obviously a joke but he looked very serious and maintained a straight face thoughout. We all got a good laugh and 10 mins later, we got back to our books… that is how we release exam tension here in Legon. 😀



  1. What!! which courses are important and which are not.Damn!.

  2. Hehe 🙂 Well it seemed he was a student of the physical sciences and he had a vendetta against the arts. So Languages, philosophy, musics, etc., had to make way for economics, biological science, chemistry, physics, et cetera.

    This is all very tongue-in-cheek so we got a good laugh. 😀

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