Posted by: Odzangba | April 28, 2007

Bomb Alert!

Okay, it’s not explosives or any such incendiary but it’s just as bad. I had to write a language proficiency test in Asante Twi this morning but when I got to campus, I heard and saw for myself that students had “shit-bombed” three of the four examination centres. Apparently, students of Commonwealth Hall sneaked into these exam centres during the night and sprayed human excreta all over the walls, desks… everything.

The authorities now have to deal with cleaning up of these centres. My centre (the Great Hall) was not shit-bombed so I got to write in a “shit-free” environment. 😀 I’ll blog about the events leading to this extreme act of vandalism later during the week.



  1. Damn!.You guys should grow up.

  2. Yeah, try to tell that to an angry commonwealth hall mob. 😀

  3. hmm…twi proficiency test – that’s quite something isn’t it?

  4. i guess for the shit bomb…the university got themselves to blame for not investing in security. security cameras in the hallway is enough to deter people from pulling a stunt like that.

  5. The oral twi proficiency test was… embarrassing in an academic sense. I mean, I found myself putting together words that I knew had nothing to do with the test. 🙂 The written exams were different though… that is where chew-pour-and-forget served me really well. 😀

  6. i’m just wondering though, did native speakers of twi also wrote the same exams? ‘cuz it won’t make sense to be writing a proficiency test for your native tongue. how does this work? i’d love to see a sample of the test though

  7. Native speakers did take the test. This is not supposed to happen though as per UG rules. They’d have an obvious advantage over us non-native speakers. So this is what is done. On the registration form, there’s a section asking one to declare all the languages he can speak. Then he gets to take a test in a language he *cannot* speak.

    Obviously, all one has to do is lie on the registration form. 🙂

    I’ll get a sample of the test and put it up here tomorrow… we were made to hand in ours but I guess an older one will do. Basically, we’re asked to translate passages, answer questions based on short story… that kind of thing.


  8. I was going to ask a question, but I think I’ll resist the temptation. My question, had I asked it, would have included words such as “Legon”, “Accra”, “why” and “Twi”. But, since I didn’t ask the question.. 😉

    Anyways, I don’t understand students of today. I prefer to shit at the beach myself.

  9. Had you asked the question, my answer would have included words such as “because”…. 🙂

  10. I am not going to fault you for your gross mistake. You do, of course, mean that it would include words like “ejaakɛ”, don’t you?

  11. I guess it was non-score!! dont blame the players, blame the game

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