Posted by: Odzangba | May 4, 2007

Dell and Ubuntu… So?

So if you’ve been following the news the past few days, you probably know by now that Dell will start selling some of its computers with Ubuntu preinstalled. Good news for me because there are about 3 dells in the family and somehow, we keep buying dells anytime we make a new pc purchase.

I like the news due to a few other reasons though. Dell is a major pc vendor. In fact, it was the biggest seller of pcs until HP unseated it a few months ago. I’m thinking that soon, the other pc vendors will start selling machines with linux pre-installed. I also think that it’d be a matter of weeks before the official Dell drivers will be synchronized with most of the one million distros out there. 🙂 So what do you think?



  1. I think it is great news, and a promise of things going to change for the better. But I am very disappointed to find that Dell only sells desktop pc’s and laptops with linux preinstalled in the US. I live in Denmark and would seriously consider getting a Dell as my first laptop if it was possible to get it with linux preinstalled in Denmark. But so far that is not the case. Otherwise I have mostly been considering lenove partly because I like the thinkpad’s and hope the lenovo versions are equally good, partly because I read somewhere that lenovo has supplied intel with T60’s preinstalled with linux.

  2. Well, you know.. er.. hmm.. what was I going to write.., *hmpf* .. Let’s see, the fact is that.. er.. hm.. Oh, yeah!
    Dell sucks.
    Linux or no Linux, Dell simply sucks.
    Of course, HP sucks too. They suck so bad they had to create an operating system called HP-(S)UX just so that the whole world would know that they suck. There’s no Dell-SUX, at least that I know of, but suck they do.

    But Ubuntu! Now, Ubuntu is a different story. Ubuntu is going places. They are really going places. Dell Today, tomorrow, who knows? They’ve already been in space. Now let’s hope in all this success somebody in the Ubuntu crowd just happens to remember that they made a little commitment to the Debian project..

  3. Lorenzo, is there something you don’t think sucks… apart from Ubuntu and Debian, of course? 😀 Seriously though, I don’t have much love for HP either but Dell, I’ve come to like. Most of their hardware simply work with ubuntu…

  4. Anything that doesn’t suck. Hmm.. Let me think.. *still think*..
    Er. no. Everything sucks. 😀

  5. Actually, I take that back. Saying that Siemens phones suck is an insult to products that do suck.

    (sorry, I just *had* to get that off my chest..)

  6. You are funny 😀

  7. Actually, being funny sucks too!

  8. You are simply too much. 😀

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