Posted by: Odzangba | May 15, 2007

Microsoft claims patents on Linux kernel

So Ballmer is out to “fucking kill” linux eh? I say to him… bring it on man!



  1. It’s a bit funny. Odzangba, what if I were to come to Madina and start accusing you of having stolen my “things”. “What things?”, you would then ask, and I would refuse to answer that question.

    As has been said so many times by so many people, if Microsoft want to claim patent violations then they should show specific cases not just talk about x patent violations. If Microsoft really had a good product they would be busy talking about it then throwing off phony accusations.

    Not only that, but the whole idea of software patents is outright idiotic. Any decent human being has a moral obligation to rebel against this stupidity before even our breathing mechanism becomes patented.

    *sigh* sometimes I wonder if the idea of having philosopher kings isn’t such a bad one after all..

  2. I read a few blogs and quite a few people think it’s all part of the evil FUD campaign. It makes sense too… create enough uncertainty about Linux to discourage the average business or organization from making the switch for as long as is possible.

    And yeah, I agree with you… patents are not only ludicrous, they are criminal. 🙂

  3. Yes I think that Bill Gates have no claim against Linux Users for using Free and open Source Codecs, Programs, etc. Let him go to hell.

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