Posted by: Odzangba | July 2, 2007

Crossover Office 6 – Mixed Emotions

I finally downloaded Crossover Office Pro 6 the other day because my little brother was bugging me about not being able to use BPM Studio Professional in Ubuntu. There are lots of good things about this version… it’s snappier, less prone to crashes and many more unsupported Windows applications now get past the installation stage. 🙂

BPM Studio Professional is one such application. It got past the installation stage without any problems BUT when I tried to run it, it hung on me. 😦 I had to drop into a virtual console to kill it… too bad.

But then, I started playing with a few other Windows applications. I’ll let the screenshots talk for themselves…

BPM Studio Professional 4.2… didn’t work.

Nero Ultra Edition… didn’t work.

Ashampoo Movie Shrink and Burn 2… didn’t work.

IsoBuster… worked.

Serials 2000 7.1 Plus… didn’t even run.

Adobe Photoshop CS 8… hung on me.

Fruity Loops Studio 5… hung on me

Winrar… worked

At this stage, I just got tired and stopped my experimenting. Oh well, maybe 7.0 will be much better.


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