Posted by: Odzangba | July 29, 2007

Ghanaian music company renders pcs unusable

Seriously, we need some major rehab clinics in this country to deal with some dangerously psychotic persons that keep popping up all over the place. What has got me so riled up? I just watched some guy on TV tell Ghanaians that his company had included “virus software” on audio cds to prevent people from ripping the songs on to their pcs! According to him, within 15 days of an attempt to rip tracks on the cd, one’s pc will become “unusable”… shocking!

This is no only bad marketing, it is illegal and I find the impunity with which he made this pronouncement shocking. While I strongly agree that piracy can, and does, frustrate music artists and the record labels backing them, I find this way of dealing with the situation offensive. Music companies do not have the right to deiberately cause any damage to people’s pcs and to threaten damage as extensive as rendering a pc “unusable” is immoral.

It is sad… some of the music in question here is actually very good and I just making up my mind to buy one of these cds, them being relatively inexpensive, but they’ve lost one customer here and I’m going to try to discourage as many of my friends as possible from buying these cds.

It’s not as if I’m worried about damage to my pc… this supposed root kit is probably targeted at Windows pcs. This guy has probably never even heard about Ubuntu but that doesn’t make it any better. Microsoft Windows users have more than enough headaches to deal with and they don’t need some rookie music company making their lives more difficult. The law enforcement authorities should investigate this issue and take appropriate steps to right the situation. I’m thinking of massive fines, total recall of all these cds, refunds to customers, a ban if neccessary… that’ll do for starters.



  1. have you actually seen this software in action?
    maybe someone should remind them of the sony rootkit fiasco. as far as i’m aware, there are no laws against playing music on your pc so someone can’t take advantage of windows autoplay feature to destroy your pc. i smell a class action lawsuit.

  2. I haven’t seen this software in action, Chris. I’ll try to find one of these cds and then I can tell you more.


  3. hi,
    great piece of writeup. i think that it was just a pronouncement; barking and unable to bite. has anyone really suffered from these so called cds?



  4. Maybe you’re right, Steve. But it certainly is lousy marketing.


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