Posted by: Odzangba | August 12, 2007

Old Skuul Re-Union… the Good and the Bad

I was at the Joy FM-organized an event to bring together old students from all over Ghana yesterday.  I did not attend in previous years because something always came up and I’d say to myself… “there’s always next year”. This year, Henry and Machel managed to drag me there. In many ways, I’m glad I went… it felt good being able to fool around like Secondary School students again. Some of the baddest guys in the country were there and it was a lot of fun.

But  it wasn’t all fun. For starters, I got stuck in murderous traffic on my way to the Accra International Trade Fair Center (the venue for the event). Luckily, Accra trotro drivers know the small roads and shortcuts like their own faces so we managed to escape it after some desperate traffic evasion. 🙂  Within 15 minutes of my arrival, my cell phone was stolen! Now I have to put off the new computer I was going to buy. 😦

I’m still waiting for Henry to finish preparing the photos we took… then I’ll put them up here.



  1. Yeah, u did really have fun but sorry for the stolen phone….but u will get one soon again.

    I have always been trying to attend such events but i always have something holding me from that. For sure next year I will attend.

    Daniel – LAUG

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