Posted by: Odzangba | February 25, 2008

Unlocking LG DM150 CDMA Phone

LG DM150I took out my LG DM150 phone to make a call yesterday and it prompted me for a four-digit unlock code. So I looked it up in the manual and it said to enter 0000 … didn’t work. 😦 So I turned to Google and guess what, my friend Henry had a page on unlocking the same phone. It’s very simple really… just enter the last four digits of your phone number. Though I live in Ghana and use the kasapa mobile network, its appears it doesn’t matter what your carrier is or what country you live in. In my case, I had to enter 8690 since my cell phone number is 028 731 8690.

All the other methods (enter 0000, 1111 or 1234) did not work for me so I really recommend the enter-the-last-four-digits-of-your-phone-number method. 🙂


  1. Yes! that method works
    enter last 4 digit of your mobile phone number

    tested on LG BSNL india


  2. good

  3. you can unlock your phone on the website

    i unlocked mine xenon there

  4. Last four digit of the phone no also worked for me..


  5. I have changed the lock code (last four digit) and forgot it now.
    Please help…

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