Posted by: Odzangba | March 11, 2008

Compiling A Custom Kernel…

I finally got around to downloading and compiling powertop this afternoon but unfortunately, I couldn’t use it since my kernel was just too old (2.6.20-16) and it wanted 2.6.21 and higher. I’ve stuck to this particular kernel (and feisty for that matter) because I only have mirrors for feisty. Internet here in Ghana is usually crappy so until I get the gutsy (or hardy, when it finally gets released) mirror, I’m sticking with safe-and-convenient.

But I digress… I grabbed the kernel and now I’m scouting around on the net for potential issues arising from compiling that kernel version on my hardware. It’ll probably take me another hour or so to make sure all is good (or at least can be made good with a few fixes), write out my will, say my last prayers and then I might probably just be in the right frame of mind to compile the kernel, I think… maybe. 🙂

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